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Previously with Bethel Music and IHOP Kansas City, William’s worship song consultation have been sought after by churches all across the world. Teaching the same techniques used in today’s top worship songs found in Hillsong and Jesus Culture, William is empowering the next generation of worship leaders with tips and tools to engage the church in worship.

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I’ve been to a lot of churches in the past few years and the number #1 obstacle I see people face when writing worship is that their songs just don’t feel 100% right. They don’t know what it is and sometimes they can’t put a finger on it. And everything they try leaves them with a frustated feeling.

Trust me, I’ve been in your shoes.

My song isn’t catchy enough.
My lyrics are cliche. They don’t feel fresh.
I can’t think of a good song topic.
I have a hard time coming up with a great melody.
It’s not quite right.

Trust me, I’ve had the same complaints about my own songs.

Because I’ve been writing worship song for many hours and years with the most talented worship leaders around the world, tips and techniques started to naturally appear to me during our song writing sessions. It was as if something unlocked for me. Later, people started telling me things like “Oh my gosh, your song was stuck in my head all day long!”

Trust me, it is a fulfilling thing to have people connect with God through a song that you helped to write.

Since then, I’ve been able to help literally hundreds and thousands of people connect deeper with their congregation through their songs.

Which Is Why I’m Opening Up A

One on OneSongwritingProgram

It’s a brand new personalized program to help you lead like a world-class worship leader and write amazing, catchy worship songs.

I’ll dive into your songs with you, looking at what works and what doesn’t. I’ll train you on how to develop catchy and fresh ideas for your songs. We’ll discuss the roadblocks that are holding you back from reaching your potential. We’ll discuss techniques that top worship leaders use in their worship sets.

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